I CAN do it!

Posted On December 6, 2010

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Last night was our Youth Sleepover for youth kids I lead at church.  Fifteen middle/high school girls (leaders included) slipped into our onesie pajamas…for me it was more of a bathrobe kind of night… and spent an entire night laughing, giggling, and EATING.

Well, not exactly…you see, I was in control. Not the food. I ate a piece of frozen pizza and a handful of Cheese Nips, pretzels and M&M’s…and that’s all! That’s next to NOTHING compared to what was there. It started at 8pm and we were up til around 2am.  I am SO excited that I spent my time focusing on the girls rather than the food.  I feel SO good knowing I can have self-control.  Knowing that even if the scale doesn’t move tomorrow, I’m beating this bingeing disorder. I’ll leave you with some pictures from our night….

I'm in the middle...these are 2 of my co-leaders and good friends.


Two sweet girls!


And the infamous dog pile, in which I was on the bottom...

Be back tomorrow morning for a weigh-in! Dun dun dun…





One Response to “I CAN do it!”

  1. Keelie

    That’s quite an accomplishment!!! Looks like a blast:)

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