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Posted On December 9, 2010

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I hate when I binge. All it does is make me feel awful.  Why do I do it? I have no idea.

ok, I think that was a conversation with myself…


Moving on. I am probably going to start posting my daily food intake on here. I need a bit more accountability.  The people around me want to help, but if they’re not trying to lose weight/stop bingeing, they forget. They don’t understand what I’m going through. Not that I’m upset with them, but my readers are all I’ve got, not counting God, of course.  But God created us for community. He wants us to help each other. I wish I had a few more followers, but for those 2-3 of you that comment regularly, I’m very appreciative.

I was thinking last night as I watched the Biggest Loser about the girl in the yellow.  She only lost 12 lbs in 6 weeks. She said the first couple of weeks at home were hard, which I totally understand….but if you KNOW that ALL OF AMERICA WILL BE WATCHING YOUR WEIGH IN ON TV, wouldn’t you really try harder??

Accountability, people. That’s what I need.


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