She Did It Anyway…

Posted On December 15, 2010

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I decided to weigh myself on Monday morning. I was up 1.5lbs. ONLY. I was actually encouraged by this. From Aunt Flo to my weekend bingeing, that was a very good number.

I officially have 17 days until I wanted to be at my goal. Easy enough to say, I will probably not get there, but I will not give up. I can still lose 5 or so lbs. And I will.

Josie over at is having the same trouble I am: bingeing.  We’re now in this together.  I am really excited for someone else to converse with about this awful stronghold.

Working out has been great! I worked out Saturday and Monday. I will run again tomorrow and lift weights/do some abs.  I’m hoping to work out everyday from now on, but today I had 3 different meetings with little time in between to hit the gym.

Last but not least, I am SO excited with how God has blessed me recently! I am officially going to the Dominican Republic for spring break on a mission trip with my church (my first mission trip EVER!), AND I was offered a summer internship through my church. How awesome is that?

Now if I can just kick this sinful behavior of bingeing, life would be so much easier…

Eat well everyone!


2 Responses to “She Did It Anyway…”

  1. Stephanie

    I’m sorry about that gain, but how wonderful about your trip! 🙂 My parents have gone on several mission trips and it’s always a blessing for them. I’m positive it will be for you too. 🙂 Oh, and the binging thing – I’m so with you there. *sigh* Time for us to get serious!

  2. Jo

    I’m excited for your trip and the internship @ church! Good news! 🙂 I pray that God blesses you amazingly in each! Keep up the good work…don’t worry about that gain. You’ll get it back! 🙂

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